Velvet Heaven was my first novel. I wrote it in under a year. Here’s a little taste:

“Memories flooded Joey’s mind, as her life flashed by. The thought of never seeing her home, her dogs, or her husband again was too much for her. She felt the darkness slipping back over her. It was so cold there, she hated being cold. As she lay among the shadows of the hotel room, she knew there was only one option. Somehow, she managed to lift her head and clutch the black fabric of the vampire’s dress. She locked eyes with Suzanne.

“Do it! Don’t leave me here in the cold. I want to go home, I want to see David. Do it, before I change my mind.””

Free Preview Chapter 1


Book two in the Velvet Heaven Series is entitled ‘Velvet Hammer’. Joey continues to struggle to maintain some sort of balance between the world of the living and the world of the undead.

She looked at the veins on Suzanne’s neck, wishing that she had more than two minutes before she was back on air. She cursed herself too, because she should have known her maker was close. She had smelled her blood during their phone call, but convinced herself it was just wishful thinking. But now, as Suzanne leaned casually on the door frame, her long, dark auburn tresses cascading down her back, her pale skin so deliciously accentuated by the dark blue of the sundress she wore, Joey found that she wasn’t so much angry, as hungry, famished to be exact. And I’m not waiting. She walked the few feet to where her maker stood, took Suzanne’s hand in hers, and led her down the hallway to the bedroom.”

Free Preview Chapter 1

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